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Brian Lowry: The Truth Is Out There: The Official Guide to The X-Files (1995)
Brian Lowry: Trust No One: The Official Third Season Guide to The X-Files (1996)
Andy Meisler: I Want to Believe: The Official Guide to The X-Files (1998)
Andy Meisler: Resist or Serve: Official Guide to The X-Files Volume 4 (1998)
Andy Meisler: The End and the Beginning: The Official Guide to the X-Files, Vol. 5 (1999)
Marc Shapiro: All Things: The Official Guide to the X-Files, Vol. 6 (2001)
Jody Duncan: The Making of the X-Files: Fight the Future (1998)
Chris Knowles,  Matt Hurwitz: The Complete X-Files: Behind the Series the Myths and the Movies (2008, 2016)
Louisa Gradnitzer, Todd Pittson: X Marks the Spot: On Location With The X-Files (1999)
Erica Fraga: LAX-Files: Behind the Scenes with the Los Angeles Cast and Crew (2010)
Anne Simon: The Real Science Behind the X-Files: Microbes, Meteorites, and Mutants (2001)
Robert Shearman: Wanting to Believe: A Critical Guide to The X-Files, Millennium & The Lone Gunmen (2009)
Dean Kowalski: The Philosophy of The X-Files (2009)
Jan Delasara: PopLit, PopCult and The X-Files: A Critical Exploration (2000)
David Lavery: Deny All Knowledge: Reading The X-Files (1996)
Amy M. Donaldson: We Want to Believe: Faith and Gospel in The X-Files (2011)
Sharon R. Yang: The X-Files and Literature: Unweaving the Story, Unraveling the Lie to Find the Truth (2007)