Scully: I was so sure, Mulder. I saw things and I heard things, and… it was just like world was turned upside down. Everybody was out to get me. Mulder: Now you know how I feel most of the time.

Piper Maru

”We hear them everyday, they talk to us, they haunt us, they beg us for meaning. Conscience is just the voices of the dead trying to save us from our own damnation.”


Scully: “Well, did you actually see it? Mulder, maybe you’re seeing what you want to see.” Mulder: “What makes you think I’d want to see that?”

War of the Coprophages

Scully: Smart is sexy. Well, think of it this way, Mulder. By the time there’s another invasion of artificially-intelligent, dung-eating robotic probes from outer space, maybe their uber-children will have devised a way to save our planet. Mulder: You know, I never thought I’d say this to you, Scully… but you smell bad.

The List

Mulder: The man was obsessed with reincarnation. Scully: Being obsessed with it doesn’t mean you can do it. Mulder: No. Unless he knew something we don’t. Scully: Like what, the secret password?